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The thing is, after everything has changed and you have to reinvent your whole life as you knew it, you also need to reinvent routines. According to Merriam Webster a routine is a “a regular course or habitual / mechanical performance of an established procedure“. So, routines are basically what keeps us going.

The two most important routines of the day are the Morning routine and the Evening routine. But what’s funny about these routines, is that the Evening routine is actually the most important. This is what sets you up for the next day, on which you perform your Morning routine. And a good Morning routine makes the rest of your day a lot easier to go through.

So what about these routines? How does one implement them? And why should anyone go into the hassle of gaining them in the first place?

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Lots of catching up to do… with myself!

One of my goals for 2019 was to write more. This could be in a journal, the blog, short stories, letters or something work-related. It isn’t consistent yet, but writing is being done occaisionally. After a writing block of a couple of years this has been something my soul needed a lot. I’m particularly enjoying penpalling again. Since that’s a slow way to write, it is a forfilling way to get back to words.

Another thing to catch up to now that I’m more used to my medical diet is my homelife. Yes, I’ve spend many many hours there the last couple of years, but oh boy! I’ve certainly let things go big time! To get back into the routine of cleaning again I am using parts of the Flylady system. It helps me to know and feel that “things didn’t get this way in one day, so it cannot be fixed in one day either” and to not burnout but to do things in small steps without feeling guilty. Sometimes that means just 15mins a day or only to do the dishes. After a short month I can already notice the difference! And I trust myself to be able to continue my newfound routines and expand them too.

And of course there is the garden. My beautiful veggie plot. Last year I totally gave up. Things didn’t work out early in the year and at the end of May I just called it quits and didn’t return untill October. This year has been so different already even my plot neighbours notice that I’m around more. In another week or two I can probably eat several meals a week from my garden again!

I feel like I am slowly getting back to me again. By the end of the year I’ll be back completely and ready to finally follow my dream and go back to school! More on that in a next post. ;-)