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Since more and more people know I collect typewriters, some of them started to ask me which models I collect in case they stumble upon them. My current collection mainly exists of glass key (pre-50’s) portables. So, if I have to guess, any small lightweight glass key typewriter will do! Especcially if they are German.

To make this a teeny tiny bit easier, I’ve enlisted some of them below:

* Torpedo portable typewriter 12 (or early 14) from around 1925. This machine is so damn cute! I just need to have one. Preferably including this emblem.

* Seidel and Naumann Erika 3, also a three bank typewriter, designed in 1922. I already have the Erika 5, but I like it a lot so I probably won’t be able to refuse this one.

* Stoewer Elite portable (K1?), another small German three bank typewriter. This one is designed in 1912.

* Folding Perkeo or Bijou-Erika. Both look a lot like the Corona 3, but are German. And since I have an unexplainable desire to own all small German portables, this is one I certainly need for my collection.

* Klein-Adler 2, a four bank, German typewriter, designed in 1920’s. Also easily recognizable since it has a closed body. You can’t see the type bars doing their job when you’re typing.

* Rofa 2 or 4, a downstrike machine, designed in 1921. I don’t expect to find this for a reasonable price, but since Germany is right around the corner, I might surprise myself one day.

* Certainly without my price range, so the ultimate holy grail: a 3-bank Meteor…

Of course there are a lot of other portable machines to be found. If you think you have something interesting for me, give me a call, send me an e-mail or let me know otherwise.

9 thoughts on “Typewriter “wish” list

  1. maschinengeschrieben

    Nice list! My favorites among these are the Remington Portable (1 or 2, with the folding-up typebars), the Corona 3, the Erika – I’m looking for one myself :) – and the Klein-Adler, which I’m also coveting. And the ICO, of course, but it isn’t all that portable – in German, I’d call it a Kofferschreibmaschine, just a typewriter with a case, not unlike the Continental 340. The Noiseless Portable (rare and, as far as I know, not that well-working) is not = the Remington Noiseless Portable (quite wide-spread) – that one certainly isn’t portable, but more of Studio 42 size – but silent, and an enhancement of the original Noiseless Portable.

  2. spider Post author


    Too bad the ICO isn’t that portable. I would love to have some more Olivetti’s. But for me it’s not exactly the portability of a machine, but mostly the size. I live in a very small house, and I need some restrictions for my new-found hobby and collection. Maybe I can still fit it in somewhere.

  3. Courtenay

    Hi – I have an Olivetti Studio 42 black typewriter with a Russian keyboard that I’m looking to sell but I have no idea where to go or how much to ask for?! The button still work and things but it’s a little under loved… Could you help at all??

  4. Wouter Huiting


    I was wondering if you are still looking for a Seidel and Naumann Erika model 3?
    I have one here, in great shape. O, here means in The Netherlands;)



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