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These are my typewriters (in order of purchase date):

Olivetti Studio 42
* Olivetti studio 42 (semi-standard), it’s my first! serial no 629828, manufactured between 1944 (according to previous owner) and 1948 (according to the typewriter database). Beige with QWERTY layout. SOLD!

Erika 5
* Seidel & Neumann Erika 5, serial no 115812, manufactured in 1929, black with QWERTY layout.

Continental 340
* Continental 340, serial no R114997. Non-functioning, right side of basket and ribbons is rusty.

Royal 1
* Royal Standard model 1, serial no 52392, manufactured in the 3th quarter of 1908. Blueish black with QWERTY layout. SOLD!

Underwood 3
* Underwood 3 portable, adopted from former Scryption museum collection. Serial no 11478, manufactured in 1921. Black with QWERTY layout.

Diamant 1
* Diamant model 1, serial no 1230, manufactured somewhere between 1922 and 1926. Black with QWERTZ layout.

* Halberg junior portable. Grey with QWERTY layout. Non-functioning, platen troubles.

Groma Kolibri
* Groma Kolibri. Green with QWERTY layout. Serial no 550743, manufactured in 1955.

Triumph Tippa
* Triumph Tippa. Very light beige with QWERTY layout. Serial no 5082472, manufactured in 1970.

Some of the stories can be found by clicking the links in the subscription, but all of them can be found here.

You can find more pictures of my typewriters here and here.

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