First mistakes

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It already took me a couple of long evenings, a lot of cotton buds and pads, two brushes and a couple of alcohol wipes. But the Royal is getting prettier every time I can give it some extra TLC. I’m still not done, far from it. The outside is cleansed and looks okay, but the carriage is taking a lot of time. And after this, I still need to work on the (rusted) type hammers, the rest of the inner mechanics and do some polishing.

I only made two mistakes so far. The first one while trying to polish the keys. I bought Brasso, did a tiny bit on a cotton pad and applied it to the metal part of the shift key. But while wiping it off, I came to the conclusion that the key was painted! It sure shines bright, but it isn’t golden anymore. The second mistake was very obvious and very stupid at the same time. How many went before me? I lost a screw…

Royal 1 flatbed

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