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Since I started collecting typewriters (last November), I got a new rule for myself. “Do not visit Ebay/Marktplaats”. But I needed to do something for work and I ended up on Marktplaats to fulfill my quest. And since I was visiting anyway, it wouldn’t harm anyone to see what was offered right? Of course I found a reseller that has some beautiful typewriters for sale. One in particular caught my eye.


A Klein-Adler 2, which seems to be in a nice enough shape. Decals aren’t scratched, it has spools… Let’s mail the seller and start negotiating! After two mails back and forth I got an answer: “keys don’t respond to pressure”, so, it doesn’t work. But maybe, just maybe, this seller doesn’t know how to work it. Could there be a lock that just needs to be shifted? Or was it only some dirt clogging up the mechanics? I’m not going to find out. Yesterday the seller told me a higher bid was placed, and he wants me to raise in stead of matching it. So I passed, and I will never know if the keys will ever respond any pressure.

But, do you see this nice piece of action in the youtube video? You recognize it? It’s a green colored Imperial D. A lovely machine. And this Imperial D has a black colored sister who’s looking for a new home! While negotiating the Klein-Adler 2, I received an email from another collector here in the Netherlands. And he asked me if I am interested in buying the Imperial D. Yes! I am!

We still need to set a date, but I am going to visit Frank next month. And, to be honest, I’m not only excited about the Imperial D, but also about the fact that I am going to visit a collector who has been collecting longer than I am. Knows more. And has a bigger collection than I have. It will be my first visit to another collector. And I will probably see some machines I have read a lot about, for the first time.

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