A love letter to the sun

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The sun is back, it’s finally spring. It took a very long time this year. It was still snowing on Easter. But I’m very glad. Not only for myself, mostly for one of my cats. Thomas is nearly twenty years old. I got to know her almost five years ago, she’s been living with me for four years now.

With her age came many elderly infirmities. She has dementia, arthrosis and isn’t very stable. When she sits or stands somewhere and I would poke her in her flank, she will fall over into the other direction. No, I don’t do this for fun, but sometimes it happens… Furthermore, her coat is always greasy. She just doesn’t have the energy anymore to wash herself properly. And because she’s half-deaf and can’t see that well anymore, she meows really really loud!

Being nearly twenty years old, didn’t stop her from having a mind of her own. She knows how to get what she wants, which is mainly sitting at my lap or chest. Not only because she likes to be close to me, but because she’s cold. Keeping her body at the right temperature costs her a lot of energy. She can really bug me trying to get on my lap every time I sit down somewhere. But then I take a look at her and realize, some day, which might be very soon, she won’t be here anymore. And while my heart breaks by the thought of it, I let her back on my lap and cuddle some warmth into her very small body. And she rewards me with a soft but steady purr.

Now that the sun is back, her mood and energy level are largely improved. She not only adores the sun, as most cats do, but needs it. I have build a couple of “cat lounge chairs” right next to the windows, so she can absorb the energy of the sun. So thank you sun! For being back into our lives again. I hope to see you a lot this summer, so Thomas her life will be extended for a couple of months or maybe even a year. I just don’t want to know yet, how life would be without her.

20120726 Thomas

4 thoughts on “A love letter to the sun

  1. Rob Bowker

    Another cat loving typewriter collector! Thomas is usually a masculine name. I know a cat called Bella who is a boy cat, so maybe the rules are different for cats. Enjoy the sun. This side of the North Sea is warmer too this week!

  2. spider Post author

    Hehe, I know! But the old lady where she lived for about 15 years, probably thought Thomas was a he. Or just really liked that name. Or maybe one of her grandchildren named the cat.

    And yes, very big cat lover!! I have five of them! :-)

  3. oosjeu

    What a nice picture of Thomas. Embrace the sun, now it’s back. And I’m glad it also gives Thomas the energy she needs. Long live the summer (and Thomas).


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