Back on track!

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Yay! I finally recovered from my laryngitis. Took me three weeks. So now that I’m feeling better again, I immediately notice that my inspiration comes flowing back too. And that’s a good thing, because I have a lot to do!

#1 Uploading my typewriters to the Typewriter Database
Sure, I only have four typewriters. But still… I need to upload them to the amazing website Ted Munk created. It already has 557 typewriter galleries on 646 manufacturers.

#2 Finish the Royal Standard 1
Hanging over a typewriter brushing off 100 year old dust didn’t seem like a good idea when my lungs already disagreed with me. But now that I’m feeling better again I can finally get back to it!

#3 Read my new book
I bought the book Cryptonomicon from my birthday money. I’m on page 273 from 918, so I still have a bit of reading to do.

#4 New project
Yes, I’m taking part in a new side-project about typewriters. Or more, a philosophic debate between a couple of typewriter collectors about a couple of interesting topics. More about this later. ;-)

#5 Plan my Staycation
I took next week off, but I still need to finish some tasks for $day_job and also have to catch up on a lot of housekeeping. If I truly want to relax during my days off, this week will still become a very busy one.

#6 Organize OHM2013
Didn’t do a lot for OHM during the last four weeks. This month I need to finish a lot of pages on the wiki, write a blog post, finalize my teams budget plan and answering all the e-mails possible volunteers send.

#7 Migrate blog posts
Well, I have a domain name I don’t use anymore, because I quit the project the blog was designed for. So I thought about migrating all those posts to this blog. Kind of exciting! I never tried before. This of course also means I need to “recode” my home page. Which means I need to think about if I still want to keep the theme(s)…

Hmmz, I don’t think I finish all of this in one week. Woops!

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