New key generated

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Okay, this sucked. About a year ago there was some update from Thunderbird which broke my Thunderbird. I have been using Roundcube webmail ever since. But, I couldn’t use GPG. So yesterday evening I decided (finally!) to do something about it and configured mutt (with a LOT of help from r3boot, thanks dear!). But because I didn’t have to use my key passphrase for such a long time, I of course didn’t remember it anymore… Meh!

So, long story short. I have a new key! (and mutt!)

Key ID 0xB8815433
Fingerprint: FB08 95DD 6BFC A656 DFAD A786 AD6E 2B68 B881 5433

If you have no clue where I’m writing about, please visit

Also, contact me if you want to exchange keys. :-)

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