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As some of you know, my local hackerspace has a computer museum with a lot of old hardware. Every once in a while the museum coordinators get a call and hop in their cars to get “new” hardware. A couple of weeks ago, they spent two days retrieving a collection from the agriculture university. In that collection are also two typewriters. And I, as the typewriter girl from our hackerspace, got them under my care.

Although I don’t know what to do with them yet (they are both standards from after the war) started cleaning one of them yesterday.

Olympia SG-0

This is how I found the first one. Covered in some kind of paint drops and sticky from the nicotine.

Olympia SG-1

After tooth-brushing it for an hour or so, it now looks like this.

I never understood why someone would want to collect a machine like this. It isn’t pretty, it’s big and heavy, but it does have a hell of a lot of options! I cannot deny that it is a good office machine and when you need or want to write a novel, this machine can be your best friend. Forever.

Research on the internet taught me that this is an Olympia SG. But it confuses me because the type basket has the words “Super de Luxe” embossed in it. And the serial number has a “7” in front of it. But, nevertheless, looking at all the pictures I could find, I am convinced that this is an SG-model. The serial number is 7-509269, which dates it back to 1959.

I’ve also read that the carriage can easily be removed, so I’m planning another cleaning job tomorrow. I will also take another couple of shots of this model, because the tabulator seem to have a lot more options than the regular model I could find information about. And I’ll also bring some paper to make a typeface specimen!

7 thoughts on “Olympia SG

  1. Rob Bowker

    That’s a fine machine and very highly regarded. You did a good clean-up job. If you want to know why someone would collect one of these giants, just sit down and start typing. It will make most portables feel cheap and flimsy by comparison. Storage space, on the other hand, can be an issue and they are almost impossible to transport. SGs should come with a flip-up plastic paper guide along the top of the paper rest but they often seem to go missing or get broken off. “Super De Luxe” will be a sub-designation because of all the fancy decimal tabs. Congratulations and welcome to the Dark Side of typewriter collecting.

  2. Bryan

    Wow, you did a great job. What did you use to clean the case? I’m always looking for tips….

    Either way, I think you have a very nice machine there.

  3. Bill M

    Great job cleaning the SG. Those are fantastic machines. I do not have one yet. As soon as I can figure a way to sneak one in the house though I may get one.

  4. Nelson Ritalin

    Congrats! Yes, if you have a place to store it (and something to store it under — I got a tentlike typewriter cover for mine), these machines are the greatest. Mine is the fastest among the [EMBARRASSINGLY HIGH NUMBER] typewriters I own, and the smoothness and ease of action encourage thought-speed typing that’s unlike what you can do with any other machine. And if worse comes to worse, you can live in it.


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