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I’m still doing the postcrossing project this month. But buying cards and mostly stamps, can get a bit expensive when you just paid three-hundred euro’s to a veterinarian. Because I need to live on a budget this month, I decided to search online for discounted stamps. And to my surprise, they exist!

Basically, they are not really discounted. It are just ‘old’ stamps. Not old enough for stamp collectors to keep, but old enough not to be sold in the post offices anymore although they are still valid. And because stamp collectors often buy large stacks of stamps, these stamps are sold with a discount up to 30%. Hurray!

It was kind of exciting waiting for the stamps to be delivered. Which stamps will it be? Will I recognize any of them? But with everything mail delivered, you need to have a bit of patience. It took FIVE DAYS to get the stamps delivered… Today they arrived! And I did not recognize any of them. Most of the stamps turned out to be older than me.





4 thoughts on “Stamps!

  1. Robert G

    That explains it!
    Last week I got my tins with gramophone needles in the mail and I was very surprised the package had a colourful array of old stamps as postage. Even included two of the red Juliana 55 ct stamps! Those are nineteen seventies, if not sixties.

    Had been putting it down to the gramophone business being, well, old fashioned and conservative. Apart from keeping about 17k of 78rpm records in stock they’d still have their stamp books from 40 years ago.

    But with this I think you have clarified the mystery! :-)

    1. spider Post author

      Yes, I didn’t know either, but all stamps from after 1970 are still valid. And apparently, cheap to buy. What fun to have clarified your mystery by this coincidence!


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