How I ended up in Typosphere

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One week ago, Sunday the 10th of October, it was one year ago that I bought my first typewriter. I can still remember how excited I was that I would finally get one. Not knowing of course, about the Typosphere and that buying this one beige Italian machine would awaken a whole new passion inside me.


I noticed the machine on “Marktplaats”, I don’t even remember how I found it or what I was looking for, but there it was, that nice picture from an Olivetti in the sun. I also cannot remember why I contacted the seller, but suddenly the seller and me were sending e-mails to each other trying to plan a meeting on an already very busy Saturday afternoon. Of course this planning failed miserably and I got to the house with nobody there but a barking dog who tried to scare me and r3boot away. But, no need for disappointment. Next to the door was a wooden bench. And on that bench was a bag. And in that bag… was my new-found love of mechanics!

When I got home I immediately started researching. Together with the information about this Studio 42, I found the Typosphere. I also learned that I just missed a meeting of the Dutch typewriter collectors. And that there are people who have collections with 300+ machines (okay, I’m not that crazy for wanting a typewriter). And that collecting pens isn’t that weird either, and that you can also typecast or pencast a blog post. I’ve been blogging for almost ten years now, but I never even thought of these possibilities.

But here I am, already one year later, still having a blast. I enjoy your stories. I enjoy your typewriters. And I enjoy finding or hunting my own and writing about those (and with them of course, in my renewed hobby of penpalling).

8 thoughts on “How I ended up in Typosphere

  1. Robert G

    Likewise :-)
    Similar here; actually had an old tw for 20+ years that occasionally was pulled out for a spin. Then discovered there were more ppl that still had a tw (more than one perhaps) and that you could get really nice old ones on Marktplaats for a song (well, a song and dance perhaps).
    Very much enjoying it too :-)

  2. Brian K

    Just found your blog this morning via a typospherian’s blog roll.
    I’m also a new collector. I’ve wanted a typewriter for ages, next thing I knew, I went from one to nearly twenty.


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