Time to say goodbye…

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Glad to have known you. I feel honored I could take care of you for the last couple of years and to see you change from such a scaredy cat to a little explorer of the world. We will miss you!

9 thoughts on “Time to say goodbye…

  1. Teeritz

    Oh, sorry to hear. I recall reading that your cat was ill. Treasure the memories. I know that they are just pets, but sometimes they can have a more profound effect on our lives than some people that we meet.

  2. Bill M

    Neat cat. Sorry to hear about your cat.

    I was never much of a cat person until I had to cat sit a cat, in my house, for about a year. Needless to say it did not take long to become attached. I really got to liking that cat. Then it was time to say bye kitty as her owner finally came by one day to retreive her. Permanent or temporary loosing a pet is sad.

    1. spider Post author

      It certainly is. Knowing that she was very sick, helps a lot. She doesn’t have to suffer anymore. According to the vet, her illnesses were far worse than we expected…

  3. T. Munk

    Sorry to hear about you kitty’s passing. ):

    We can only share their lives for a short time, but it’s a pleasant time. On the upside, you now have room to invite another in. I’m sure there’s another pocket tiger out there who’d love to take over the job of guarding your typewriters (:

    1. spider Post author

      Thank you Ted.

      I don’t think that’s a very good idea. I still have four other cats! They keep me real busy when they decide to take a nap on my typewriters. ;-)


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