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With only two weeks and three days to go until build-up and still only twelve ours left to buy yourselves an entrance-ticket to #HAR2009 we are now reallly really busy with organizing the event. But not only the core-organisation is busy for #HAR2009, a lot of other visitors are busy with finishing their projects too.

I really find it amazing to see all kind of plans popping up in the last ten months. The dedication to organizing and coming to such an event is overwhelming. I see a lot of people who are at the end of what their bodies and minds can bear. And my own body is also running failures this last week. Friends, family, pets and $day_jobs get neglected because we can only think about #HAR2009, and it didn’t even start yet!

Our work for the InfoHelpDesk isn’t finished yet. I’m starting to get a bit worried too. I know we cannot prepare every question we’re gonna get, but I would really like to do it anyway. I know a lot of things won’t go as planned on an event like this, but I would like it if it did. I really enjoy planning and organizing, that’s why I became a secretary in the first place, but something as big as #HAR2009 is a real challenge. I learned to delegate and not to do everything myself. I also learned to lead, because when you delegate you sure need to ask a lot of people if they done their tasks already. But the best thing is, it is a lot of fun to organize #HAR2009! And you will meet or get to know a lot of interesting people from all around the world.

Are you coming to #HAR2009, but still wondering what you can do for the event? Look at the participationpage and join up a team! It’s still possible.

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