Three days of Christmas

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Christmas was never a lot of fun when I was young. Living with an abusive and mentally ill mother on welfare, Christmas always was an extra sad period with lots of stress, arguments and fighting. When I got a bit older I even spent a lot of Christmas days alone while she took my sister to whatever boyfriend she was with that year. Nevertheless I always dreamed about having a real family to spent Christmas with, just like in the movies. I love the romance of Christmas. The decorating of the tree, the lights, the excitement of opening a present and wondering what it is, the dinner table dressed up really nice, the wonderful foods and a loving family to share it with. It was the dream of Christmas that I thought would never come true. But, that changed about five years ago when I met r3boot. His family does have a lot of traditions and Christmas Day is one of them.

But let’s start at Christmas Eve first. Because sometimes family aren’t relatives or in-laws but just a bunch of crazy people you cherish and let you be whoever you are or want to be. I have found this ‘family’ in my local hackerspace. When it turned out our biweekly members meeting was at Christmas Eve, we decided to all bring or prepare some foods to share with eachother. As it often turns out in chaotic environments, we had waaaaay to much food. But a lot of fun too. And I even got a surprise present!

One of the members was walking in a thrift store and spotted a little typewriter in it’s case. He opened it and pressed the keys, they weren’t stuck. He moved the carriage, which slided perfectly both ways. He looked at the price tag of 5 Euro’s and probably thought that is was okay to take the risk that I wouldn’t like it.

When he was walking towards me with the case I thought for a small moment that it would be a Rooy or maybe a Kolibri. But it was a bit too thick to actually be any of those typewriters. The case however does have the same vibe. When I opened it, I was very surprised to find a Halberg junior! Even more when I saw the price tag! I couldn’t help laughing about the poor people who sold this machine so cheap. If only they had known something like a search engine existed… This would probably be a very different story.

Halberg Junior typewriter

Halberg Junior typewriter

The next morning I needed to leave my new toy at home and loaded my seven(!) bags of food and fun into the car and drove to r3boot’s house. Although my Christmas couldn’t get any more better than getting a typewriter, I was still very excited. We were about to have a large family dinner with 13 people that day. Everybody will prepare something delicious and buy a present for someone else. I was very curious to find out how the present I bought would be received. And ofcourse I was also a bit excited about getting one myself. It is after all a Christmas dream coming to life.

I did get into a bit of bad luck though. When r3boot and I wanted to leave his house to drive to my in-laws, my car was making a very weird metal to metal scratching noise. Being Christmas Day, I didn’t want to call a repair man, so we called a brother to pick us up. I was stressed out at first. I only have problems with this car that cost me a lot of money. And I didn’t want it to ruin my Christmas! So I blocked the thought about what it will cost me this time and went on enjoying Christmas. Again, we had waaaaay too much food. But also a lot of fun. Everybody left happily and with a stomachache. The women even won the traditional game of Triviant against the men this year!

My presents, a calming foot balm with mint and a big chocolate santa!

But Christmas didn’t stop here. At Boxing Day my sister and I went mad in the kitchen. We prepared seven dishes in six hours. We started with salmon wrap rolls in the afternoon (because we got hungry from all the prepping and cooking), a light mushroom bouillon with a puff paste covering, oven roasted potatoes in skin with lot’s of herbs, honey glazed carrot, grilled salmon (also with herbs) and for dessert cooked pears with blackberries and a buche-de-noel with loads of chocolate and bananacream. Because we were both very tired after all that cooking, we forgot to make pictures but it was very delicious! It was definitely something we need to do more often. And I also got to taste two new teas for the list.

Although I feel very blessed my Christmas Dream came to life three times this year, I am not looking forward to calling the repair man to take a look at my car. Hopefully it’s an easy cheap fix (loose bolt?) so it can take me home again. However, I fear the worst and really don’t want to make that call…

PS: I called, it was a very easy fix! I’m so glad! The plate behind my right wheel was a bit bended. It was repaired within 1 minute. Without costs. \o/

PPS: Added another photo after finally getting my phone connected to my laptop.

12 thoughts on “Three days of Christmas

    1. spider Post author

      Thanks Richard! Don’t know if 2014 will be as easily fixed as this car problem, but it gets better and better every year, so some year your wish will come true for me. :-)

  1. Teeritz

    My car had some clutch problem a few months ago that turned out to be much less expensive than I thought it would be. Sounds like you had a nice Christmas, SWebz. Sometimes, the family you meet on your way through life can mean more to you than the family you grew up with. Have a great New Year!

  2. Bill M

    Sounds like you had a most wonderful Christmas. The typewriter gift was perfect. Congratulations. It sure is nice to have a friend like that.

    Great the car did not cost anything.

    A belated Merry Christmas and the very best in 2014.

  3. Nat

    That’s an awesome story about the Halberg! How splendid!
    I’m just reading the list of good you as your sister made again and I am killing my phone with drool. Sounds so delicious!!! :D
    Happy new year to come Spider! :D


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