Spiders for sale!

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I’m not really a jewelery wearing girl, but instead of “Marktplaatsing” typewriters I decided to search on spiders. I’m surprised to say that I found some sparkly things! For absurd prices ofcourse. So what’s out there to buy?

Well, this gigantic brass brioche for instance! It’s 11,5cm wide and asking price is about 35 euro. A bit much I must say, but then again it claims to be an antique.

And then there’s this thing. The ad tells me it’s a knife and it’s for sale for 60 euro. It looks great doesn’t it?

Actually something I could buy! It’s a silver colored ring and for sale for about 5 euro. If only it was real silver.

A wooden spider, to build yourself. It’s crafty! The picture is horrible though. The spider is 23x18cm and there’s no asking price.

Another antique spider brioche, made of pink strass. It looks small and it’s for sale for about 7 euro.

This one is for sale twice. It’s a copper spider, 11x10cm big and 3cm high. It looks amazingly cool and would be a nice presse-paper I guess. The first one is up for bidding, the second one is for sale for about 3 euro.

There was also a prepped tarantula for sale. However I didn’t post it because I don’t approve as long as I don’t know how the animal died. It would be great to have my own set of prepped spiders one day, but I’ll be happy with more common spiders instead of tropical ones. And for now, I’m still quite happy with my own living spider that’s been living in my home since last August.

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