A new year, a new theme

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While I’m still getting lost between all my browser tabs full of information about post_types and other nice features which are possible with WordPress nowadays, I pre-introduce you to my new theme!

It’s still green, but behind the scenes a LOT has changed. You can watch the theme demo and blog of the developer while I tweak it a bit more.

PS That automatically collapsing the blog posts crap is something I’m not too happy with. Will change that after re-editing all my current posts to the right post_type

4 thoughts on “A new year, a new theme

  1. Bill M

    Happy New Year and Happy Blog Redesign.

    I like the features that WordPress offers. If I had the time I’d put my blog on WordPress. Part of the flexibility of features is that they must be implemented manually. That is what makes many of the customizations possible.

    1. spider Post author

      Hi Bill, some features are automatically implemented by the theme you choose. Such as this (horrible) collapsing of posts, but also many others in various combinations. You can simple browse to the themes and choose your pick!

  2. Bill M

    The collapsing is not all that bad. It is a handy way for readers to review past posts. Readers like me who sometimes miss a post or two and like to read them all when visiting.

    I can understand your frustration if your desire is not to have posts collapse. It should be left to the blog author as to how they want the main display of their posts.


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