Wrap-up 2013

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Hooray a new year! Which feels just the same actually. It’s basically just another day wit a different number but okay, I’ll go with it.

So what have I been doing the past year? First of all, I bought my first car! Very exciting! And despite the major costs of bad luck repairs it needed, I’m still very happy with it. I don’t drive an awful lot, but I like the flexibility it gives me. And I do get further from home than with my bike and public transport. For some people this might seem normal, but to me it feels like magic every time. I’m still not really used to having a car, and also still can get really scared of it. Guess that feeling will stay for a while, since I’m still a newbie driver.

Secondly, it was the year of Observe, Hack, Make! My second time organising the InfoHelpdesk for this major Dutch hacker event. It sure was different than my first time in 2009, but I learned a lot of new things about myself, organizing, leadership and communities and had a blast! Oh, and the phone I thought was stolen during camp, really got lost inside r3boot’s car, so I still have a couple of photo’s to upload and show you. More about that later.

On to the typewriters. I started last year with only one typewriter, the Olivetti Studio 42. And I’ll close the year with ten! And two more at Hack42. I have two typewriters at home (Royal 1 and Remington 10) that I want and need to get rid off. They are too big and too heavy. But they also need some repairing before I am ready to send them off. Besides getting more typewriters I have also visited the collection of a former museum, organised a small but successful type-in at Hack42 and went to the autumn meeting of the Dutch typewriters collectors. And after that I even went to one of the collectors homes to go through his collection! Not only in the typosphere, but also outside of it, typewriters let me get to know a lot of nice people. I’m real glad about that, since I don’t always find it too easy to connect.

Romantically it has been a steady year. This might sound dull, but I really found it a delight! Just having time to spent together, without drama, big changes or other major things interfering (well, OHM2013 took quite a lot of time in the first halve of 2013, but that was something we could share). It just was lovely and relaxing, real nice! Also, we celebrated our five year anniversary, which was a very big deal to the both of us.

Workwise nothing has changed. Or at least I should say, I still work for the same company. The company itself has transformed a little. But since I don’t like to write about work on my blog too much, I really cannot tell you a lot about it. Despite the changes I still like my job which is most important.

I still don’t like to think about it much, but 2013 was also the year that our cat Bolletje died. Yes, she was really sick for a while. And yes, it’s better for all of us that she doesn’t have to suffer anymore. But I still miss her. And it’s still quiet around the house with only four cats. She had such a personality, not comparable to any of my other cats.

Thanks to typewriters I also started writing to penpals again. I currently have two, or three actually but I haven’t exchanged letters with the third one yet. It surprises me how much time this new hobby costs. It’s not that easy anymore to write a personal letter. And maybe I’m a bit strange, but I always try to get the most out of my postage stamps so I write two full pages every time. It can easily take me two hours to do so, either by hand or by typewriter. Maybe it’ll get better when I write more letters, because sometimes my fingers or wrists really get cramped!

Ehm, what else can I tell you? Oh, right. We’ve got a new king. Hooray. Didn’t change a lot for me though. I’m not very interested in royalties. But I guess it’s one of those ‘once in a lifetime things’ to be a part of, so I did watch the whole ceremony.

And at last, something I didn’t do. Because I didn’t visit Berlin last year. Which is kind of a big thing because ever since I met r3boot we visited Berlin at least once a year. But while organising an event, taking care of a sick cat and paying for car repairs, there just was no time or money to go. We did however visited a bunch of museums and took a couple of road trips to make up for it!

I don’t do the “new years resolutions” thing anymore. Of course I already have a list of 50 things to do in 500 days, but I also believe it’s not a once in a year thing to do and reflect on myself and my life more often. And make choices and decisions every day, week or month. Also, I don’t want to quit smoking yet. ;-)

[edit] Silly me, I totally forgot about my blog! Blogwise it has been a very good year. I have written 119 blog posts and my stats are getting higher every day. Of course I also have to “thank” the spambots for this. After registering on the Yahoo typewriter forums, they like to visit me at least 300 times a day. But nevertheless, there is a lot more interaction going on. Big thanks to all of you!

4 thoughts on “Wrap-up 2013

  1. Richard P

    Sounds like a good year overall. Too bad about Bolletje.

    Hey, I am writing a part of my book about the maker / hacker movement, in connection with typewriters. Could you send me an e-mail? I think you’d be able to provide some good insight.

  2. Bill M

    I do believe you had one busy year. Hacker/maker seems to be catching on everywhere. I always thought it was normal to make things. I guess because I grew up with mentors who grew during the great depression when one could not buy things so they were made. It fits perfectly with typewriters.

    You are not alone on letter writing and the price of time. I find I spend an hour or two per letter if I can think of what I want to write. Longer sometimes as I will start a letter get the first paragraph and then letter writers block: I can’t think of more to write. Problem is partly solved by using Ron Bowker’s typosphere post cards.

    Funny how we all start with a typewriter in in short time have many more.

    I remember your cat. Sad that she died.

    I hope you have a wonderful 2014.

    1. spider Post author

      I don’t know if it’s catching on as you say, or just becoming more visible. Groups like these have always existed. For example, the company Apple was born out of such a group of hackers. And just a couple of years ago a new generation took over the scene again, this always means things change.

  3. oosjeu

    Mooie post Spider
    Zo te zien heb je een goed jaar achter de rug met heel veel veranderingen en belevingen. Maar een goed jaar. Gefeliciteerd met jullie 5 jaar samen zijn. Op naar het volgende jaar, met zijn eigen avonturen.

    (ja ik doe het toch nog even in het nederlands, maakt het net iets makkelijker om te reageren)


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