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I’ve finished my first book of the year last Friday! It feels really weird since it was still the first half of January and it only took me three days. I must admit, the book I read was very light. Really different from the complex Cryptonomicon. I also read it in Dutch, which made it even more simple because it wasn’t always translated well.

But let me tell you about the book: A streetcat named Bob is not just a book, it’s a biography about a recovering drug addict and street artist who one day finds an injured cat, which changes his life. James Bowen was living hour to hour, day to day, recovering from a heroin addiction and was afraid of the responsibility a pet would give him. But since the cat was injured badly, he took it in for a couple of days to recover. After the recovering period James sent the cat on its way again and was stunned when he discovered that the cat followed him through the streets of London to his work. Playing his guitar he noticed how big of a personality this street cat has and what effect that has on people. James and the street cat he named Bob soon became inseparable. Their sometimes funny, sometimes dangerous and sometimes sad adventures transform both their lives, slowly healing the scars of their troubled pasts, growing towards a brighter future.

This book combines two of my favorite genres; biographies and cats. When I started reading I was a bit disappointed about the simplicity of the book. But as the story went on, Bob and James grew on me. Just as the people walking by on the streets of London, I could sense his big personality. I could even relate to the recovering James who went from having nothing to finding a friend which helped him getting up on his feet again. I once felt that way, suffering a major depression. And having cats was a very good reason to get out of bed and do something. Finishing this book somehow disappoints me again. Couldn’t they write it a teeny tiny bit thicker?

Bob became a major internet star before the book was written. There is a lot to find about Bob, but James still seems invisible without him. I don’t know how I should feel about this… I feel great respect for him, to overcome his addiction and I also feel very glad for him, that he found a true friend. I really hope that after closing the addiction chapter, James found more true friends, maybe even love (as everybody deserves to get a chance on love). And when the commercial train will leave, because it always does, James and Bob can have a nice relaxing life together.

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