First hundred days

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I have less than 400 days, until midnight Monday 1 April 2015, to cross off all the items on my list of 50 things in 500 days. Time for an update!

5. Install car radio 20131221
r3boot installed my car radio, which he also got me for free at a dump. Double whieiee! The wiring in my car is still crappy though, but it works and I occasionally sing along with some awful song on the radio, having a blast in my first owned car.

9. Read at least 3 books 20140110: a streetcat named Bob
I’ve read the first book and of course wrote a blogpost about it. Next two books are already waiting for me. One of them is kinda heavy material (IBM Holocaust) which is why I haven’t started yet. The other one is work related (The successful secretary) which is also why I haven’t started it yet. But I will, both of them!

11. Write 30 letters to (a) penpal(s) 1. 20131205, 2. 20131222, 3. 20140112, 4. 20140121
Ai ai ai! I am waaaaay behind on my correspondence. Not because I otherwise can’t finish this item, but because my one and only penpal hasn’t heard from me in a month. Really sorry, but my life got in the way. Guess my blog isn’t the only one suffering.

13. Reach level 40 in thesettlersonline or… quit 20140102: level 39.
Hm, yes. Not real high on my priority list at the moment. Just keeping the game alive, one login every day.

19. Make backups at least 5 times 1. 20131221, 2. 20140125
Okay, kind of a cool story actually. At least for me and my “technical skills”. I wrote a script to do my backups! Now I only have to attach my external hard drive and enter the command of my script in a terminal. Whoohoo!

21. Donate a box of stuff to a thrift store 20140106
You would think this is an easy one, but I’m not that good parting with my stuff. But I did, was kinda proud of it and felt bad a while later discovering I could do better. See, I brought the box to the commercial thrift store, instead of a charity thrift store. But this was the only one with opening hours that fitted me.

26. Play Carcassonne with someone
I tried and tried and tried, but ended up playing Genius every time.

27. Bake 3 different kind of cakes 1. 20131224: Carrot
Hmmmmm, carrot! Recipe for the next one is already waiting for me. Just waiting for time, energy and a really good reason to bake a cake.

28. Visit 5 of the Dutch hackerspaces 1. 20131126: Hack42
Well… duh! I could say I’ve been plenty more than five times to “a” hackerspace. But that doesn’t count. It really needs to be five different ones.

29. Try to have an empty kitchen sink for a week.
Still haven’t managed to get it entirely empty, just for one day. Auch!

30. Have 10 foot baths 1. 20131127, 2. 20131204, 3. 20131219, 4. 20140206, 5. 20140226
So nice. So very very nice. The “must do this more often, put it on the list” definitely helped me to relax my feet every once in a while.

32. Make a snowman

34. Get myself a new bottle of perfume 20131119 – Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker
First thing I crossed off. And still enjoying it every couple of days when I remember I actually have a perfume to wear.

35. Watch all seasons of Happy Days
I made it to somewhere Season 3. Lot more to go!

36. Get rid of the old bed and closet
Well, it’s partly done. The closet is dismantled and now stacked up on the balcony where the bed is already getting moldy.

40. Burn half of the current packets of incense
Burning, burning, burning. There’s so many of it!

45. Clean the living room windows
I did one! Three more to go.

47. Try 5 new tea flavors 20131226: 1. Berrynas (green tea with peach, strawberry and pineapple), 2. Mona Lisa (green tea, rose, strawberry), 20140124: 3. Seven herbs mix (three colored violets, nettle, licorice root, fennel, star anise, rose-bottle and golden flower>.
This one is going fast. Once my sister read my list, she let me taste two new teas already. One flavor is still waiting for me at home, until I find the time to do a type cast about it.

So how do I feel after these first hundred days? I feel a lot more inspired to actually get things done, how stupid that may seem. I also get reminded by some things I keep forgetting by occasionally walking through the list again (BACKUPS PEOPLE, DO YOUR BACKUPS!). Other items just seem to float by and happen. There aren’t any “big items” crossed off yet, no exploring new cities, selling or giving away typewriters, visiting a museum or dancing at a concert. But it’s only been hundred days, right? I still have four hundred more to go, right? Right! The upcoming spring and summer will help me. It’ll definitely be much better walking down a beach barefoot while having a picknick during the sauna visit when you don’t need to cuddle up in your coat!

4 thoughts on “First hundred days

  1. Bill M

    I can’t wait until the next 400 days pass to see your results.

    Yes backup, backup, backup. I put it off one night and then the drive died.


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