Spring is lurking around the corner!

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Hooray! Sun is shining a bit more often, birds are singing and the fields of purple, yellow and white crocus’ are blooming. It’s almost spring!

After my major spring cleaning last week, really it was major took me four days, a new season is starting. I finally have plenty of energy again to finish some things around the house. I still need to redo my desk as I blogged a couple of weeks (or is it months already?) ago, and there are some other small stuff that need to be done for a looong while now. I’m finally getting it done!

But… that’s not what’s exciting me, although spring on it’s own is something to be very excited about. I am planning a trip to IKEA! It’s like going to a candy store, but BETTER! Yes, I fully admit that I am one of those awful people who can get all crazy about IKEA. But although I have all the magazines from the last 9 years, I only visit IKEA once or twice a year and carefully plan a list of things to buy. Actually, I really don’t buy stuff for myself or my home a lot, so I’m extra excited when I do. And this time there is something on my list for every room!

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I’m slowly getting more time to do my own things again, but I still have a lot of other things to do. Work is busy and chaotic, everybody I know is celebrating their birthdays, Hack42 needs to be further decorated and of course my cats and r3boot also need my attention. My blogging will still be a bit sporadic until April.

4 thoughts on “Spring is lurking around the corner!

  1. Bill M

    I too like going to IKEA, but there is an Army Surplus electronics store on the way and I seldom make it to IKEA with enough room in my car to buy anything even if I do make it there. Sometimes it’s surplus and home. 2 hour drive one way so I do not go often.

  2. Tony Mindling

    Perhaps you are familiar with the Lisbeth Salander trilogy (“The Girl Who …” ) by Stieg Larsson. The plot of this very tense thriller takes place in Sweden, and early in the second book Larsson provides a surprisingly detailed account of Lisbeth’s Ikea shopping trip, spending many thousands, including having the purchases delivered and assembled in her huge new apartment.


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