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Today my employer offered me an open-ended contract of employment , i.e. a contract of unspecified duration. It’s the first time I will sign such a contract, which makes me extra happy.

I really enjoy working at this company, I have lots of different tasks in different fields. It can be chaotic at times, which is also something I love. And I have very flexible hours. My collegues are really nice, normal people from all around the world. It’s never boring.

Before I started working at this company I was outsourced to a lot of different companies. Never stayed long at the same desk. I worked in finance (investments, taxes, banks) aswell as in social care, at the top of a company or a department of it. But there were very few companies that I really wanted to stay at. Mostly because of the collegues; secretarial teams aren’t my thing, there’s too much backstabbing among the secretaries. Financial offices are nice to work at, but I never fitted in because I don’t play golf during my weekends and don’t like riding horses either. But working at a social care office can also be very demanding, you constantly have to remind yourself to not get sucked in. Finding the company I now work at was a real relief. And after three years of working here, it’s still fun! \o/

4 thoughts on “Hooray!

  1. oosjeu

    Echt gaaf! Goed om te horen dat je lekker op je plekje zit :)
    Really cool! Good to hear that you’re sitting on the right place :)


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