Prepping the spring meeting and surfing the web

Tomorrow the spring meeting of Dutch Typewriter Collectors will take place. It’s going to be so much fun! At least that’s what I am expecting. I’m still a bit nervous, as I have to do an opening speech but I am planning to smooth it into the show and tell of your favorite portable. The text for the typing competition is ready. Of course, it’s about typewriting! I only have to do some grocery shopping for lunch, drinks and snacks. And I also have to cross cross cross my fingers, hoping the Typewriter documentary will work on my laptop. If it doesn’t it’s not a big deal either, our DJ Jos will bring a whole bunch of typewriter vinyls!

But, thinking about typewriters again, slightly getting more time for the hobby inbetween work, family birthdays and ‘the usual stuff’, I started looking at There are indeed a bunch of nice machines for sale, mostly above what I want to pay. There is one machine in perticular that really caught my eye. If only I could spend money like that…


PS: Robert Messenger wrote a really nice piece on the Merz typewriter last year. You should read it!

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