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Saturdaynight we celebrated r3boot’s 30th birthday and it really was amazing!

On wednesday I thought that the whole birtday would be a disaster because I didn’t hear a lot of the people who where involved in the planning. But on Fridaynight I heard a rumour about a big birthdaypresent and I was totally psyched. It was awesome! It was just unbelievable! It was totally perfect!!

A group of mononokefriends got together because they didn’t know what to give him. They collected money from eachother, more friends who couldn’t go to the party, some collegues et cetera. The total amount really got big and they decided to let r3boot choose his own birtdaypresent. Of course, it needed to be really cool, something he didn’t do before and probably will never do again. So they made a big card, and inside the card they printed pictures of skydiving, circuit racing, flying your own aircraft, learning how to do stunt driving and… learning how to do stunt flying! The face of my cute boyfriend when he realized he could pick any of these (and more) for his birthdaypresent … It really blew him away.

It was really a perfect party, just because almost all of his friends and important people from the last ten years were there. Even all his four brothers were there! The pictures are priceless too. I already wrote this Saturdaymorning, but we’ve really overdone ourselves. And r3boot? He was just speechless!  :-)

Pictures made by Fugu

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