From one forest to another

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Last Wednesday r3boot and I went to ‘s-Hertogenbosch, also known as Den Bosch, which literally means “The Duke’s Forest”. The city got it’s city rights in 1184, and much of its historic heritage remains intact. The many old buildings were a good reason for me to want to explore this city.

‘s-Hertogenbosch is also home to Saint John’s Cathedral, which dates from 1220 and is best known for the many sculptures of craftsmen that are sitting on almost every arc and rim along the outside of the cathedral. Not only the cathedral has sculptures in it, also a lot of the old houses have either Mother Mary’s or funny little men build in!

“Unfortunately” it was a very sunny day and a lot of the pictures shot with my new camera caught too much light. Guess I still need to practice some with it!








After walking around for a while, snapping pictures, drinking coffee and tea and eating one of the local specialties we found the cutest little store! Not an ordinary everyday thrift shop, but one that only buys and sells retro stuff. And it wasn’t even really expensive! We snooped around for more than halve an hour, but then the shop closed and we ended up not buying anything because we didn’t have enough time to pick a choice…



6 thoughts on “From one forest to another

    1. spider Post author

      When I got back home, I read that the oldest brick house of the Netherlands is located on the market square. It absolutely has everything ancient! So does the store. Ooh… that little book attic… *dream*

    1. spider Post author

      But the store also delivers! ;-) Seriously, I should’ve made pictures of the rest of it, we couldn’t stop ooh-ing and aah-ing. That store was amazing!


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