Nice day out in the garden

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Weather is starting to warm up, and I wanted to go outside and just enjoy sitting in a garden. Since I don’t have a garden myself I went to Hack42. Yes, behind the big massive building, also is a very nice wild garden!


After not having done our chores around the garden for the last couple of months, everything exploded when the sun started to shine and the rain started to drop. Woah! I like it very much though. There is so much life here! Many many bugs, and even frogs, toads and mice.




There is also a lot of water in our garden. Not one, but three ponds! The biggest one is right next to our garden lounge. I brought a typewriter along to type a bit while sitting in the garden, but suddenly one of the others decided that we had to buy new fishes. :-)



Being so far from the city, sitting in this garden feels like being cut off from the rest of the world. A perfect little spot to relax and enjoy the weather. Or a barbecue!

2 thoughts on “Nice day out in the garden

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