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Hi you! I’m slowly recovering from a writers block. While reading other blogs again I noticed I cannot comment anymore on a lot of Blogger/Blogspot blogs. My openID is definitely closed now, so if you’re wondering why you get less comments lately you now no why. If you don’t allow comments where no profile is needed, I won’t be able to response anymore in the future.

5 thoughts on “My openID

  1. Rob Bowker

    What happens next? Do they come and take away your passport and take you away for Google orientation :-)

    As well as a Google account (or eight) I also have OpenId/Wordpress account I use for WP blogs and sites rather than, say, logging in with Facebook. Happy Typewriter Day!

  2. Scott K

    Ah! Well that’s just plain rude (on blogger’s behalf) I wonder what that is all about. Probably security because blogger seems to be filled with wall-to-wall spam, but I is mostly from blogger accounts! They must be tightening up as many loop-holes as they can.
    I’m looking to extract myself to WordPress anyway. Time to de-google.

  3. Scott K

    Right. According to google, I my account still set up to accept comment from openid. Doesn’t matter. I have opened it up now, and allowed it to accept comment from anyone. But I have had to re-add the dreaded ‘capcha’ to stop spam.

  4. Bill M

    I wonder if it a Google thing in trying to force people to use g-what ever. I have my blog set to accept OpenId, google and a few others.

    I could always move all of my blogs off google and onto my own site. It may do good for increasing traffic to the site.

    Happy Typewriter Day.

  5. spider Post author

    It’s actually a My OpenID thing, since the whole service has shut down since February. For some reason it still worked until now. So yes, Blogger still accepts it, but it doesn’t exist anymore. ;-)

    Nonetheless, de-Googling is never wrong! Go for it!


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