Crawling back from under my rock

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Unbelievable how much time flies! After r3boots accident, getting back to the office and the start of the Fifa world cup, I kinda lost track of time. But I haven’t been stuck under my rock all the time, plenty of things have happened. Like the launch of a new side-product at work. Which involved a couple of days time spend on last-minute work and an incident of 45 pallets of product waiting to get unloaded at the back door. Sadly, our storage room is not THAT big. I bet you can imagine the chaos that day… Also, we got new workstations! Which also cost me a lot of extra time.

At home there was ofcourse a lot to do when I got back home. Laundry, dishes, cleaning. But looking at my wardrobe also made me realize (once again) that I have some shopping to do. Since last summer, I lost almost 10kg due to not eating meat every day anymore and experimenting more with fish, shrimp and vegetarian meals. I do enjoy my dinners a lot more now, but didn’t anticipate on the weight loss. Funny to say, I spend a whole afternoon fitting bra’s because I had no idea what my size was anymore! I also FINALLY bought new glasses. Yay! Eye measuring always is very difficult to my opinion, but it went very well and I didn’t lose any more of my eye sight since three years ago. That’s really a first, ever. I seem to be stuck on -6 and -6,75.

And well, Fifa world cup. I’m not much of a sports fan, and not one of those crazy covered in orange supporters of the national team either, but I do enjoy watching the World and European cups. r3boot doesn’t though, which is quite funny, kind of the other way around. I have spent almost every evening since the 12th watching soccer from around the world. Even during the weekends. My cats enjoyed it a lot though, especially Thomas who has been vacating my lap during every game.




Nothing has happened on the typewriter department though. Besides losing touch with time, I also lost touch with myself and got into a writers block. This happens from time to time, but every day not writing makes it harder to write again. Two letters to pen-pals are waiting for me, so are ideas of the next blog posts, but it just won’t come out. I do notice I’m slowly recovering again. Last weekend after watching a great movie (The Angel’s Share) I thought about writing a review, and during some other lost moments, snippets of blog posts are flying through my mind. Hopefully the blur will soon fade so I can write more frequently again.

3 thoughts on “Crawling back from under my rock

  1. Dwayne F

    At least you are getting caught up on the blog. Mine is hopelessly behind after travel and a photography mentorship program on Google+.

    My myopia seems pretty minor at 4.25 As an aside, your cat looks lovely in stripes.

  2. Michael Y

    Every so often life gets going so much that the typosphere and blogging get left behind. Iactually think thhese breaks are healthy to get away from routine.
    Congrats on new workstations, new bras, new glasses, but no new typers? Perhaps next time!

  3. Scott K

    Rock out with your cats, get some tea into you …. and love your typewriters! You’ll be good. Writing is a fickle thing when you’re not quite right.


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