Roadtrip music?

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I don’t have a real (digital) music collection. Although I like to I must say, but takes up too much space, so I just use Shoutcast on my television instead (it has everything I need, and more!) But now we are planning a trip and I have to drive my car for 3 to 4 hours, I’m in need for some roadtrip music. My favorite radio station will not work after crossing the border and repeating Radar Love on an mp3-player just won’t do for too long. So, let me have it! What’s your favorite roadtrip music? What music do I need to keep awake and focused during our trip?

8 thoughts on “Roadtrip music?

  1. Bill M

    There isn’t too much I do not like in music. If I get tired and cannot find anything on the radio I like I’ll pop a CD or cassette in the player and listen to bagpipes, bluegrass, or marches. Now you should hear how I mix things up at home….

  2. Nick B

    My favorite road trip music is often grand, yet immediate and intimate. Two albums I’d recommend are “Shut Up I Am Dreaming” by Sunset Rubdown and “We Shall All Be Healed” by The Mountain Goats.

  3. Scott K

    Because we have done a lot of driving over the years, we have come to love audio books. Nothing challenging, but nothing too soppy. That said, I’ve always enjoyed using movie soundtracks while I drive as well.

    3 to 4 hours? Hmmmm. Try Balmorhea, and when that seems a bit too folky, switch to some Alt-J.

  4. RobertG

    Ah – same as Scott, usually load up with radio plays. Used to do mainly podcasts (BBC Radio 4, Material World etc). Now mainly plays, ‘Paul Vlaanderen’ is charming but a bit dated. The Philip Marlowe series still sound up-to-date, also the Screen Guild Theatre has oodles of plays (including Casablanca even).


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