Typewriter hunting in Kassel

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Being in Germany again was fun. Kassel is a lot different than Berlin, which we often (used to) visit. For instance this trip has taught me that I definitely have to learn more German. And typewriters were so easy to find, I didn’t even have to go on a hunt! Also, I have bought myself a fresh new ribbon at Cartridge World. Yay!

I didn’t have to look that far for typewriters. The first pictures shown below are ads from the old magazines and pictures in books available in the apartment we rented. The others were scattered through the city. Some in the windows at for example copy shops and the store of a locksmith. They didn’t all turn out great, thanks to the windows and sometimes bad weather or dark evenings. Nevertheless, I think you will enjoy watching them.













9 thoughts on “Typewriter hunting in Kassel

  1. Bill M

    Those are some fine looking typewriters. I’ve read that Germany is the place to find typewriters. Your post seems to prove that. I think I’ve relearned German 3 times in my life. I do not get to use it much since moving to Florida. When I lived in the North I used German and worked for a Swiss Company with many Germans so I even got to use the technical or engineering terms not taught in a German Language course. Here I should learn Russian.

    1. spider Post author

      That bunch of three are the only ones that looked in pristine condition. The other ones were rather dusty. I imagine the owner of the copyshop is taking them out of the window every week to clean them thoroughly.

  2. Scott K

    Some great machines spotted there. I am always surprised by how frequently Mignons turn up! I would have thought they wouldn’t have been all that popular, but what do I know.

    I keep re-learning German again and again, and almost seem to forget it all within about 3 years.

    Good finds.


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