The miracle life of Edgar Mint

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Edgar Mint is a seven year old Apache boy, well, half-blood really, and his head gets run over by the mailman. Some doctor surprisingly saves his live and when Edgar gets out of his coma, his mother has disappeared. While recovering from his injuries, it turns out little Edgar cannot write by hand. One of the other patients in his room gives him a typewriter. It’s funny to read that he was scared of it first, but after banging some characters on paper becomes really attached to it.

Of course the book isn’t about the typewriter, it tells Edgar’s life story from being run over by the mailman to finding his purpose in life. After his time in the hospital, Edgar got send to a boarding school for Native-American children. He has a tough time getting through those years and finally ends up at a Mormon family. When eventually things start to really fall apart for them, Edgar leaves to fulfill his life mission: finding the mailman. While doing so, he discovers the truth about what the mailman was doing at the Apache reserve anyway.

Despite the fact that Brady Udall can write well and pleasured me with some great sentences, the book wasn’t as touching or unique as presented. It’s just another book, about another kid, that has a misfortunate life. And it isn’t even a true story. I did enjoy reading it, laughed when supposed to and felt depressed when supposed to. But I don’t think this book will stay in the shelve very long. To my opinion it isn’t worth rereading.

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