Type my little Diamant, TYPE!

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Put it a new ribbon! Would be fun, she thought. Now, the desk is a mess the Diamant’s typing very blotchy. What went wrong?

Well, first I needed to find the spools that came with the Diamant. Apparently I have a lot of them. Second, I had to decide which ribbon to use for respooling. Apparently I (again) have a lot of them! Good to know though, I should do some more respooling in the future. Some of my now used ribbons have dried out a bit too far.

Now respool, wash hands and put in some paper! Whiieee! No. Paper won’t feed AT ALL. After putting some pressure on the feed roller from the front with another piece of folded paper there was a click and the paper could be fed.

Now type! Whiieee! No. Again? Oh hell… The ribbon vibrator wouldn’t move. But after moving and poking some levers, and finding the shift that’s discretely hidden beneath the ribbon vibrator, things seemed to work. So let’s try again.

Now type! Whiieee! Another letter! Yay! And anoth^C… what now? The spools BOTH unroll the ribbon. Making a huge mess of things. The technique behind it is rather simple though. But I haven’t figured out how to fix this problem and be able to type the Diamant properly. Sorry Ted, this type sample won’t be added to the database today.


6 thoughts on “Type my little Diamant, TYPE!

    1. spider Post author

      O yes, it’s certainly one of my favorites to look at, that’s why I want it too type so badly.

      Those belong to the Royal 1, including a set of spares. Will be up for sale soon. ;-)

  1. Bill M

    Nice looking typewriter. Sorry to hear of its problems typing. Ribbon threading perhaps? A bit of platen treatment to improve paper girp?

    One thing I do when playing with ribbons, especially resoppling, I use those throw-away cheap vinyl gloves that fit like surgeon gloves.

  2. Richard P

    Often on small, old typewriters like this, one spool needs to be loose while the other is tightly screwed down. The one that is screwed down will take up the ribbon from the loose one. Maybe this is relevant??

    Anyway, it’s a super-cute typewriter and I hope it will be writing properly soon.


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