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I’m having a bit of trouble with my internet connection lately. Whenever I do a bit of traffic, like uploading a photo for my blog or opening another typospherian blog, my connection gets killed and won’t get up. After 5pm and during the weekends it is even worse! Just cannot use the internet during those hours.

After consulting my providers helpdesk, they sent an engineer. After three minutes pulling cables he told me “everything works at it should” and left. But it didn’t work. My problems just stayed the same. He came back yesterday, to look at the problem again. As it turns out we somehow got the power supplies mixed up! Such a silly thing… it’s almost to be ashamed of.

But, working on this problem in the first time made me decide to switch providers, canceling cable TV in the the transfer. I never watch much regular television anyway. After researching my options, I found two companies that suited me well. One in particular could save me up to 218 euros a year. That’s quite a nice amount!

How many can you save by switching? Cable, internet, insurance, utilities… there are so much saving possibilities! Change one or two and you can go on an extra holiday! Or pay off debt if you have those. Save up for your childs education. Whatever you want or need!

4 thoughts on “Switching providers

  1. Bill M

    Great ideas for saving a bit at a time. Here in the USA grocery stores run special prices and at the end of the receipt tally ths ‘savings’. True savings? Debatable. What I do though is take that money and put it aside. Nice way to have cash on-hand for an emergency and if that amout gets too much into a savings accout accessible by ATM. So what if the rate is only 1% it is safet (I hope) than laying around the housee.

    One tip on avoiding cables and power supplies confusion, label each with a masking tape tag as to what goes to what when they are installed and working properly.

  2. Nick B

    This is exactly what we’ve been trying to do all year. First we dropped cable television, and now we’re going to be switching to a smaller storage unit and getting rid of our one parking spot in the apartment garage. Just those three things could save as much as $2000 per year!

  3. Michiel

    Which provider did you end up choosing? Lots of subscriptions are cheapest if you also take the tv bundle and such…

    Happy with our fiber all-in-one bundle though, even though I managed to break our tv signal over half a year ago ;) It’s cheaper than Ziggo, with an awesome 100/100MBit signal.


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