November really is the most creative month

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I can really understand why Nanowrimo is set in November. It truly is the most creative month! Days are getting dark and cold, you go back inside, get bored or something and *poof* there is your most amazing thought ever! Just like that. Before you know it, you locked yourself in to work on it every free moment you have.

It happens every year, over and over again. It’s November and I think of a new big project. Three years ago, it was to do a 365days bug project (maintained it for about 180days). Two years ago it was the start of my typewriter collection. One year ago, I re-themed my blog. This year? Well… I’M STARTING A GARDEN AT MY BALCONY!!

O yes, I know, it’s almost winter and I am starting a garden. Am I mad? Absolutely, but that’s not really of importance here. Winter is actually the best time to want to start a garden. There’s a lot of homework to do (any idea how many choices there are when growing tomato’s?), it’s also almost Christmas so you could put things you want on your “maybe-I-want-this-for-Christmas” list. After you are done planning the garden, you can purchase the needed things and build it. And after done building it, somewhere in February, you can start sowing your first veggies indoors. Maybe I’m not that mad at all. ;-)

My current plans are to build a 120cm by 60cm wooden box. Before I can do that I have to empty a part of my balcony and get myself a couple of bricks to higher the box with. It’s a simple plan, but it does cost a fair amount of time. Especially the emptying the balcony part. In the mean time I’m thinking out the veggies, fruits and herbs I want to grow. Tomato’s, peppers, two kinds of berries, lettuce, strawberries, lavender, carrots, mint, different kind of onions, beens and maybe even some sweet potato. And that gets me to sorting out the different kinds of soil I need to use, and where I can purchase them. It’s almost time to make a sow and harvest calender, which will also sort out how many room I have left during which months to possibly grow something else too.

So, now you know what is keeping me busy. I’ve got some homework to do!

2 thoughts on “November really is the most creative month

  1. Dwayne F

    Good for you! The cold, dark months tend to sap my creative energy. I should have moved herbs inside before the Polar Vortex hit middle America. The high temp has been hovering around zero C.


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