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While Scott was growing bags under his eyes at work, Nick went on another (probably wonderful) trip, Richard still celebrating finding a publisher and the typewriter brigade focused on their last words to please the Rhino with, I got “stuck” at home without internet for an entire week. I write stuck, but actually I mean: I enjoyed a vacation of relaxing, reading and Doctor Who while spending time with my cats and further minimizing the amount of stuff that owns me. It wasn’t bad at all!

I finished another couple of items from my 50 things in 500 days list. r3boot and I went on a day trip to Wijk bij Duurstede. It actually became more of a three-hour-trip. It was freezing! And the city turned out to be really small. Besides it having ancient architecture, it wasn’t very cozy and the castle turned out to be not more than one standing tower. The car trip itself was far more enjoyable. Oh, due to the cold, I only made one picture:


The other item I crossed of the list was the surprise present. I felt like I kinda cheated the time I actually crossed it off, so I made another one. It is far more suitable too, since I ‘presented’ it the night before Saint Nicholas day which is a traditional feast I’m not really fond of myself, but it’s common to make surprise presents for someone you know. I chose to fill a tiny box with things for a neighbor who has three young children she has to take care of with very little to do so. Since I gave it anonymously I have no idea if she liked it or not, but I’m guessing she’s the kind of person where the thought matters more than the actual gift itself and that’s enough for me to know.

And oh yes, LESS STUFF! I have filled four trash bags with clothing and other kind of cloths to deliver to the Salvation Army this afternoon. Sold a couple of things online (including the typewriter), gave some stuff away for free and filled another donation box. There are three waiting now to be taken to the thrift store. I LOVE IT!

But the thing I learned to love even more… The Doctor. Yeah yeah, I’m years behind! I started watching my first Doctor Who (from the new series) almost three weeks ago and am now halfway through season 6. How’s that for a time consuming activity? One of my eyes is trembling for three days now. I think it’s a bit over-exposed to the television screen…

Meanwhile on the background, now I have internet again, I’m working to upload all pictures ever used in blogposts up to the blog itself. I have used gallery2 for five years now but the software isn’t being maintained anymore, r3boot decided to switch to zenphoto. Before he gets my ‘permission’ to do so, I need to fix my blog first. Most of the pictures here are linked from my gallery. It’s a huge task and will take a couple of weeks.

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  1. Scott K

    You’re going backwards through the doctor who series (modern series I assume) so Timey-wimey wibbly wobbly! Certainly a great way to spend your time.


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