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I’m seriously considering selling my Imperial D, to cash in some money to buy this beautiful thing. It’s been on my watch list for weeks now and somehow it still didn’t sell. Probably has something to do with the listed price… It’s a teeny tiny bit much. Maybe a bit TOO much.







6 thoughts on “On the watch list

  1. Bill M

    I do not know much about these, but the above advice seems fitting.
    It is a wonderful looking typewriter though.

  2. RobertG

    They do seem to turn up on Marktplaats and even Ebay UK a bit, not regular but there always seems to be one.
    Have been noticing that there is always one or more of many types offered for eye-watering price. Sometimes with an offer driving up the price further. (From a ‘new’ Ebay account sometimes with bids only at that seller, oddly…)

    It does have neat lettering and looks an early one – on the other hand it looks rusty and somewhat ‘battleworn’…

  3. spider Post author

    I know it’s too expensive, about three to four times what I would actually pay for it. But it’s looking so great on these pictures… Oh well, I just wait for another one!

  4. Scott K

    Imperial D sale? Let me know! As for the Erika, they are great little machines. But they certainly can be picked up on DE ebay for quite cheap – if you ignore the multitude of sellers that have absurd prices on them.


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