It’s a wrap!

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I started of the year 2014 with a new theme. Also I celebrated my 5 years of WordPress anniversary and wrote 58 blog post. A bit less than last year but that mostly means I kept busy doing other things.

Some of the things were small, like reading 5 books which gave me great pleasure, visiting 3 new cities and writing 16 letters to penpals. Other things were a bit bigger, I traded my first owned car for a far better one which is still making me happy when driving it. Geekwise I turned into a Debian-lover, after using Ubuntu and Mint for a couple of years.

Of course it wasn’t all good. At the beginning of the year Hack42 had that whole moving everything out and back in thing which took quite a lot of time and was very stressful. For the second year in a row I lost a cat, Thomas. I still miss her (and Bolletje) a lot. Also the bad health of my sister was a recurring theme last year. Luckily she is doing better these days and she got good prognoses to get a better year in 2015.

During the final months of the year I rediscovered living a more minimalistic lifestyle and sold or donated a lot of my belongings, even a typewriter! And I made nice vegetable garden plans for next year. Everything together 2014 was an exciting year and I’m looking forward to what 2015 (the year in which I’ll become 30) will bring me!

And to you: Happy 2015! May it be great and simple. Type on! Do something you’re scared of. And treat yourself and your loved ones on something meaningful.

4 thoughts on “It’s a wrap!

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