7 thoughts on “A bit of catching up to do

  1. Bill M

    Before you know it you’ll have finished the book and the garden will be ready for planting.

    Good you are keeping busy.

  2. Steve K

    “The Angriest Man in Brooklyn” that one slipped under my radar! And I know what you mean about working full-time. I was recently forced to work a four-day week instead of five days, and BOY what a difference to my lifestyle that extra day makes!

  3. RobertG

    It is nice to see little green sprouting up (have the AH ‘garden’ here, kids watering it every day). Make spring seem nearer :)
    And 5 vs 4 days really does make a huge difference, changes the whole ‘balance’ of a week. Enjoy the garden!

  4. Scott K

    Work seems to be consuming my entire life at the moment, but hopefully I’ll have that under control soon. That said, NIN! I’ve a big fan myself. Keep up the good work.


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