No more time left!

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The 500 days are over. Starting Monday 18 November 2013, I had 500 days, until midnight Monday 1 April 2015 to cross off all the items on this list. I haven’t completed all of them, some because I didn’t want to anymore and some because well… I haven’t prioritized those items yet. Let’s take a look a the last 100 days and unfinished items:

4. Visit the sauna and get a massage 20141219: massage, because of shoulder injury :-( 20150124: sauna!
Well, I didn’t complete it the way I intended to, but I did get both the massage as a visit to the sauna.

6. Finish redecorating the bedroom 20140326: new curtain
Nope. Still have to paint the window-frame, but at least I finally hung the new curtain I bought over 500 days ago!

7. Do another postcrossing month
After making the list, postage got a lot more expensive. Doing another postcrossing month would become some investment in the mail company with nothing in return, so I decided not to.

9. Read at least 3 books 20140110: 1. A streetcat named Bob, 20140431: 2. Mila18, 20140410: 3. The miracle life of Edgar Mint, 20141025: 4. In betrekking, 20141221: 5. The secret of lost things, 20150115: 6. The Queen’s Confessions.
Twice as many as listed. O yeah!

10. 3D print something
This is a funny one, because I really really like to watch the 3D printer working on something, but I couldn’t decide what I would want to print for myself. I have no need for a small plastic object.

11. Write 30 letters to (a) (pen)pal(s) 1. 20131205 (DE), 2. 20131222 (DE), 3. 20140112 (DE), 4. 20140121 (DE), 5. 20140304 (DE), 6. 20140327 (DE), 7. 20140406 (UK), 8. 20140417 (DE), 9. 20140425 (UK), 10. 20140517 (DE), 11. 20140517 (UK), 12. 20140609 (DE), 13. 20140812 (UK), 14. 20140820 (USA), 15. 20140921 (DE), 16. 20141001 (UK), 17. 20141104 (DE), 18. 20141209 (DE).
Well, I didn’t make it. Even worse, I haven’t written my pen-pal in Germany for four months! Life really got busy since December…

12. Go to a concert and dance like nobody is watching
Nope. Simply because I didn’t pay attention to this item, I never got to go to a concert.

14. Make a custom tshirt
Ah, right, another ‘make something’ item. Well, making tshirts seems like fun, but I could never decide on the design.

16. Learn to take a compliment
I kept this item open for a long time, but I can truly say I did learn to take a compliment. To accept them as being true and actually feeling proud about whatever someone is telling me. Learning to focus on the acceptance of a compliment also made my self-esteem grow. I’m really glad I can cross this item off of the list.

18. Redecorate the hallway
Yeah ehm nope! Still haven’t decided what I want to do. And first must finish the bedroom.

21. Donate a box of stuff to a thrift store 1. 20140106: 1 moving box, 2. 20141205: 4 clothing bags, 1 moving box, 3. 20150109: 1 very big box.
There’s another box waiting for a month now. I took it too the thrift store last week. Guess what, THEY ARE GONE! But, I did complete this item. Big time!

23. Go visit Berlin again
I’m actually sorry this didn’t work out because I miss Berlin, but we just couldn’t make enough time to go.

25. Write a blogpost about stamps
Nnnope! This seemed like fun, but later it didn’t anymore.

28. Visit 5 of the 12 Dutch hackerspaces 1. 20131126: Hack42, 2. 20140328: NURDspace.
Another nope. I haven’t even been visiting Hack42 for the last three months.

32. Make a snowman20150124: mission accomplished!
Hehe, this was a fun one. On our way back from the sauna we took a smoking break at a gas station because I wanted to make a snowman on that one day we had snow. Mission accomplished indeed!

35. Watch all seasons of Happy Days
Nnnope! Again, this seemed like fun, but later it didn’t anymore. I did watch plenty of other shows like Inspector Poirot, Dr Who (2005), Marvel movies + tv shows, M.A.S.H., et cetera, et cetera. Happy Days just got a bit too old fashioned/slow after a couple of seasons.

36. Get rid of the old bed and closet 20150107: done!

40. Burn half of the current packets of incense 20150324: done!
Took me a while, but then again, I used to have a looooot of incense.

41. Have dinner at “Restaurant de Eetstee”
Nope. Just didn’t get to it. It’ll happen. Someday.

49. Get a nice profile photo made
Still too scared for the camera. It’ll happen though. Someday.

50. Cross off all the items on this list
This one was doomed since the beginning. ;-)

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      Hmm, I could check. Grandpa’s stampcollection is really old, there might be some (type)writer related stamps in there!


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