Hi! Whatcha doooo-ing?

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Yeeeehaaa!! I know the days of completing the list are over, but… why would that keep me from finishing the items? ;-) On the 5th of May, the Netherlands celebrate freedom. Together with some friends we went dancing at one of the outside events. It was very very nice to be dancing (like nobody is watching) again. Somehow I often don’t dare to, but on this beat that wasn’t an issue at all.

Not long after (and totally non-related I hope) I got ill. Seriously, it is possible to sleep for 36 hours straight? And then fall back asleep after being a sort of awake for only a couple of hours? I can’t remember much but my desease started as laryngitis combined with otitis. Now, after a couple of days sleeping and a day getting my hydration back into shape I still feel pretty worthless thanks to my lungs dissagreeing with the virus I cought. Can’t really do much, need to keep focussing on my breathing and doing something physical (like, walking to the kitchen/the toilet) is very tiring. Even talking is weird, after a couple of sentences I either start choking on a cough or my voice just dissapeares. Good thing of all of this is, I haven’t smoked for five days now. Let’s keep *that* up!

Garden is doing okay. It’s got flowers and lice and it’s growing and stuff. I’ll give you a picture update soon!

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