Ten days of summer, stray cats, donkeys and olive trees


When you return from holiday, everybody wants to know everything about it. For days you’ll get the question: “and, how was it?”. Well, the weather, the food and the view were amazing. The tourist-hoarders not so much. Neither was the fact that no-one would speak with/to me…

If you get passed that though, probably with a lot of trying, Marrakech is a very beautiful city. We’ve had the most beautiful weather for a couple of Dutchees who aren’t used to a lot of sun. It was pretty warm, but not too hot. At least not untill the last day but then we left. And… I have flown for the first (and second) time ever! Pretty amazing. A bit scary too I must admit. Really got the jitters! But then you see the clouds from up above, and it’s all worth it.


After being swindled and conned a couple of times on the first two days and realizing that none of the people would talk to me (unless when I was cursed at) we decided to do this holiday a bit different. No wandering around in the exotic but chaotic souks and the endless labyrinths of beautiful dreamy alleys. We went our own way. And it kinda looked like this:














I admit. It wasn’t all fun, but I’m still very happy we went to Marrakech and somehow did enjoy it a lot. Maybe someday (when I’m not a young blonde anymore) I might even want to visit again. Maybe. Someday. Might. They have a lot of donkeys you know?! ;-)

2 thoughts on “Ten days of summer, stray cats, donkeys and olive trees

  1. Bill M

    Good you enjoyed your visit. Clouds do look much more interesting from above. Then back on the ground they no longer look as neat. In fact, I think they look flat from the ground. Flying over thunderstorms at night and watching the lightning below is really unique. We’re just returning from California. I think your destination was much more interesting.


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