Spring time!

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Januari was about reading and healing and getting to know my new diet. Februari was about being ill again, going on a weekend trip with friends and excitement over all the things I can do, some for the first time ever (like grocery shopping in the evening, wtf, this is how normal people live? it’s amazing!)

And march? March is about being impatient, having a lot of check-ups with different doctors, getting cranky and restless because of the bad weather and then… finally… GETTING TO THE GARDEN!

Because yes, now that I finally have the energy, I am about 4 to 6 hours a week in my vegetable garden. Carting compost around, making the beds ready for spring. Planting potatoes, broad beans, peas. Harvesting wild garlic. Making a tiny patio to sit in summer. Clipping the hedge. Watching the birds. Weeding the strawberries. Sowing some flowers. I love it!

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