A new addition

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Two days ago I got a suprise message: “Do you want my typewriter?” and I was like: “Ehm, I don’t know, what kind of typewriter is it?“. He didn’t know because it was out of reach, but after some questioning I knew it was ‘black‘ and ‘used to have a case‘. That was enough to spark my interest and so he came over to bring the mysterious typewriter.

It turned out to be a very dusty but otherwise in pristine condition Olympia Simplex from 1936! What luck! I didn’t have an Olympia in my ‘pre-WWII German portable typewriter collection‘ yet. It got me all excited, even though I have hardly touched a typewriter in two years.

Other than looking for the serial number and checking the database I haven’t done much with it yet. But I am going to clean it, and I am going to type on it. And ofcourse I am going to research it as well. So more about this beauty soon. :-)

3 thoughts on “A new addition

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