The cute four

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Because I probably will tell you some stories about the cute four, I thought I’d give them a proper introduction.

Cleo: (or, the Mom)
Cleo is almost 6 years old now. She came to me as a shy, but playful, curious, little cat. After about a year, I discovered her pregnancy. At first, I was really pissed off. I took good care of her, kept her inside when she was in heat, but my ex-boyfriend couldn’t stand the crying. So, she was pregnant. And after a couple of weeks, she gave birth to six little furry creatures. I kept two of them myself. This really changed her from cuddly to grumpy. But inside she is still that shy, curious and playful cat. You just need to give her a lot of time and space to gain her trust. Cleo gave birth a second time, two of this seven cats live with the neighbors now. And two years ago, she had an accident. She almost lost her front left leg and had a serious head trauma. Cleo revalidated well, it took about 4 months, but she can almost do everything again!

Rosa: (the NinjaPrincess)
One of the cute furry creatures Cleo gave birth to, is Rosa. She always acts like she’s the most important, a princess. While all the others were playing, she sat in the middle, watching it all happen. And then, suddenly, she attacks with such grace and speed, so the opponent (preferably frogs and mice) won’t stand a chance. In the following years, she really learned to abuse her cuteness. She can just look at you and you’ll get a strong MDMA-like feeling of cuddling her and never letting her go again. The only thing where she is afraid of, are scary men walking on the rooftops. And she totally adores her shiny blue pillows.

Knorretje: (the shy purring underdog)
She is always shy, easily scared, but so sweet and cuddly! She purrs really really loud, that’s why I called her Knorretje (Dutch for purrs a lot). She is a real hearth breaker too, some of my old friend came to visit me, just because they wanted to see her again. Knorretje prefers to sleep on the fat boy or a bunch of plastic bags. And she really enjoys cuddling your feet too!! She is the only cat in this household that can open doors or eats the garbage, so sometimes she can be really annoying too…

Donut: (the Fat Terror)
Well, there is a lot to say about Donut. She was born here too, but I gave her to my little sister. This didn’t turn out well, because her mother doesn’t like cats and Donut didn’t get the education she needed. So about 1,5 year ago, she came back to live with me again. It felt like a dayjob to get her trust, to get to know her, to get her to follow the rules and not to terrorize the other girls. She really learned a lot, because she also likes to cuddle, sit on your lap, eat your hear, mew to you (she’s a real talker!) and following you everywhere she can. But she can’t go outside anymore, so she gets bored now and then, and starts terrorizing the others cats, me, my boyfriend, or just some piece of hardboard she can chew to pieces…

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