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This weekend was one of those fast weekends, they’re already yesterdays before you realized it even was weekend. But it was totally worth it!

r3boot organized a suprise birthday party for our friend maze. He was celebrating his birthday with some family members friday night, when r3boot came to visit him and brought a mountain bike as a present. But the real reason was, that he needed a key to the house. ;-)

Saterday afternoon maze and his girlfriend went to the cinema. She told us that he was making jokes about a surprise party, but didn’t had ANY clue about what was going on in their house. Even when they walked home, with cars he knew parked in the street and balloons hanging out of a window and in the hallway, he didn’t had a clue. So when he opened the door to the living room and found a bunch of his friends on the couch in a decorated room, who started to sing a happy birthday song, he was so surprised that he couldn’t remember one of his passwords all night.

It was a real nice party. Nothing fancy really, just an almost complete group of friends and their laptops , a couple of couches, some cats and beverages. It’s a special group, those people of mononoke! I’m not someone who easily feels save with people, and honest to say it did took a while… But the last few weeks it feels really good to spent time with them. No hidden agenda’s, a lot of honesty, taking care of each other and doing a lot of fun stuff between all that. I just can’t say anything else than: #mononoke++

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