Cleo-pc becomes Cutesie-server

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Since I bought my spamtop, I don’t really use my windows-computer anymore. Only for downloading and photoshopping images and stuff. So r3boot made some jokes about rebuilding it to my own server. But, I actually liked the idea! If only I could figure something out for the windows-computer… we still need it sometimes for work and the not too often gaming.

Yesterday, I figured it out. I’m gonna put my disk in r3boot’s Xeon-computer which becomes a killer gaming machine (he never uses it), and rebuild mine as Cutesie with two 1TB-disk’s for personal data and backups, and (at least) 1TB USB-disk for storage of tv shows, movies and music.

I’m so excited!!! \o/ Oh, and yes, Cutesie is not a typo. ;-)

[edit] We bought a NAS, so Cutesie is not needed anymore.

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