A small holiday

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/me says thanks to the spaghetti monster, for all those Christian holidays. Because thanks to those holidays, I had five days off this weekend! And how nice and relaxing it was…

On Thursday we didn’t do a lot. We slept through the morning and visited a friend in the afternoon. But Friday we went to Thermen Bussloo, a spa near Twello. It was really delightful!! Of course it was scary at first, you need to get totally naked in front of a lot of people you don’t know, at a place you don’t know. But I started off with a Hamam treatment; ten minutes of steaming (in a cabin, with two people you don’t know), after that you’ll get a scrub, a soapy massage and a cup of tea. When you’ve done that, nothing else matters anymore. So we spent the rest of the day in luxury and relaxation. Swimming naked in the pools, steaming in a steam cabin or just one of the several sauna’s, enjoying the healthy foods, laying in the sun, watching all those other naked people. In the afternoon I got another massage, Scen toa hot stone, which was really amazing! We relaxed some more, ate dinner and went home twelve hours after arrival.

Saturday we went to Hilversum with Zarya. I wanted to go to the Rifwachter, a huge fish store where they have really cool and special fishes. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the Apistogramma Macmasteri and Parotocinclus Jumbo where I was looking for. But they did have the Nannostomus Espei!! I didn’t buy those, because I still need to fix some things, and now my lights are broken too… After that, I saw some other little shops where I wanted to watch, and the boys went to an army dump store and the MyCom.

Sunday was also a relaxing day. First I dyed my sisters hair (she’s totally blond now). After that, r3boot and I walked across the heathland and romanticly went out to dinner at a pancake restaurant.

I still have a day off today, but like every other Monday, I’m gonna spent this day cleaning the house.

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