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I think I got a virus. Is there an antidote to it? Since I bought my typewriter I spent every spare moment on it. When I’m not looking at it, I’m looking for more information. I already found several other Olivetti Studio 42’s:

* machineschrieben Black, German QWERTZ layout, 1940s.
* anakronismo Black, German QWERTZ layout.
* dream lo-tech Black, German QWERTZ layout, 1939.
* retro tech geneva Black, English QWERTY.
* tr0x Beige, Italian QZERTY layout.
* typewriter museum Finland Black, ? QWERTY layout, 1942.
* esposito luigi Black, Italian QWERTY layout.
* criscaso Beige.
* find great stuff Black, Italian QWERTY.
* Museu Lorene Dark blue or black, ? QWERTY layout.
* Magic Margin

The two things I noticed the first were that most of these Olivetti’s are black and have Olivetti written in big capitals, centered behind the platen. My typewriter has a small Olivetti-plate on the right side above the platen. What’s also different about all the models I’ve seen is behind the glass plate. Most of them say “Studio 42” written in small text on the left upper side. Mine says “Semi-Standard” written in large text and not in the upper corner, but just on the left. Of course I also have the mark of Ruys Company, since this typewriter was especially made for export in the Netherlands by Ruys Company. The layout of the keys is also different on every model. Mine has Dutch QWERTY. But I have seen QWERTZ, QWERTY, QZERTY and even a HCESAR! That most of them are Italian is kind of obvious, but I have also seen English, Portuguese, general German and have also read about a nazi-German layout.

Olivetti Studio 42

There are a lot of differences to be found on each kind. Which is funny because they are all the same kind. I can imagine a difference in layouts, each country uses it’s own standard. And multiple colours are also reasonable, but why these differences in model names and the Olivetti mark?

edited: 12 March 2013
I found an Olivetti just like mine, in the archive of the closed Scryption Museum. I wonder who adopted it! It has sn #692691, so I believe it’s a bit older than my #629828. There’s also a second one, without serial number.

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  1. maschinengeschrieben

    Hello and Welcome to the Typopshere!
    That is a beautiful Studio 42 you got there – I especially like the Semi-Standard label – and I am surprised about the olivetti badge – all 42 I’ve seen so far had the embossed olivetti name (maybe expect for Andrea Troian’s). I believe that the tag makes yours a late version.
    There is a mighty serial number database at


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