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I’m not even done with restoring my (now officially) first typewriter and I already bought two “new” ones! They are not in a very good condition, but that gives me the opportunity to make mistakes. ;-)

Continental 340:
Continental 340

Continental 340-sn

Naumann Erika nr 5:
Naumann Erika

Naumann Erika-sn

3 thoughts on “Addicted!

  1. maschinengeschrieben

    Nice german machines! The 340 was my first typewriter, and I’m a huge fan of it. I also have an Erika – I, too, believe that yours is a 5 – but I admit that I haven’t used it since it got it, but I don’t think there’s an issue with it. I just haven’t found time to do so yet.

  2. Helaine

    Hi there! Just found your blog searching for some info about my own Erika and tynirg to determine her age. She’s portable, and looks a lot like yours, only green and somewhat smaller. Do you have any idea how old yours is? Thanks!


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