A new distro

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Yes, more geek stuff! But no typewriters this time. This is just a plain blog post about my laptop. Or actually, about the new distro I’m using.

Ever since I decided not to use Windows anymore (about the same day I started using a netbook in stead of a personal computer) I ran Ubuntu. Ubuntu was fun, not hard to use when you’re just learning about the command line and it still has everything in a menu so you don’t actually have to use that scary command line when you’re not feeling up to it. Ubuntu ran great on my first netbook. Sure, there were some bugs. But nothing special and less than I was used to when I ran Windows.

But last year I bought myself a brand new netbook. A nice Thinkpad Edge 11. And the horror began… Besides the tiny bugs I could live with, my kernels started to panic. Not once, not twice, but sometimes three times a day! I couldn’t run my programs all at the time, which I was used to. It froze. It panicked. And it was really really buggy.

So last weekend I was finally done with it (yes, I can be really lazy sometimes). I want my OS to work! Couldn’t be that hard could it? So I made some backups, and some more to really make sure I wouldn’t lose my data. And I installed Linux Mint Debian Edition.

It’s been running for a week now and I am very happy with it! I can run Firefox, Chromium, Thunderbird and Transmission at the same time. It froze up two times, because of too many webpages using Flash plugins… But after a couple of minutes, it was back already! My touch pad freaked out for a couple of hours one day, but I didn’t reboot and it just restored itself. I do have to get used to the fact that hibernate and sleep suddenly work out of the box. But I’m totally fine with that! Let’s just hope LMDE will keep running this smoothly…

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