The miracle life of Edgar Mint

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Edgar Mint is a seven year old Apache boy, well, half-blood really, and his head gets run over by the mailman. Some doctor surprisingly saves his live and when Edgar gets out of his coma, his mother has disappeared. While recovering from his injuries, it turns out little Edgar cannot write by hand. One of the other patients in his room gives him a typewriter. It’s funny to read that he was scared of it first, but after banging some characters on paper becomes really attached to it.

Of course the book isn’t about the typewriter, it tells Edgar’s life story from being run over by the mailman to finding his purpose in life. After his time in the hospital, Edgar got send to a boarding school for Native-American children. He has a tough time getting through those years and finally ends up at a Mormon family. When eventually things start to really fall apart for them, Edgar leaves to fulfill his life mission: finding the mailman. While doing so, he discovers the truth about what the mailman was doing at the Apache reserve anyway. Continue reading

Our short trip to Kassel

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r3boot and I went to Kassel Germany for a couple of days to relax, explore and be together. In the corner of this grey city we found a little piece of paradise. Green chaos, filled with birds and so many other things to see and discover. Our little apartment was designed in style of the fifties, including a working tube radio! The garden was the most amazing thing. A very good place to wake up at and read. Books about the fifties, newspapers from the fifties and even albums of the owners life during the fifties were all present, but of course I also brought my own. The Tippa I took with me fitted in perfectly!


The trip towards Kassel wasn’t as excited as I thought it would be. It was going to be my first big trip, driving 330km on my own. Yes, I got a muscle ache in my right leg. Yes, I have blisters on my hands. Yes, it was tiring. But nothing bad happened and I only needed two stops during each ride to stretch and relax. It truly felt like I have accomplished something I can be proud of. And I am!

On our first full day we strolled around the city without a destination. It has brought us some nice discoveries. A great view from above, a walk through Karlsaue Park surrounded by statues, trees and water birds and a climb through the gardens up on the wall.


On our second day we went to the Unesco site Wilhemshohe Park. It was a real climb! My lungs didn’t agree with me so we had to make a lot of stops, but finally managed to get to the top after an hour or so. After a little break at the unfriendly bar we went back down again. And we weren’t the only ones… it started to rain terribly. After our day we treated ourselves, still soaking wet in our army trousers and bold-colored hoodies, to a nice fancy dinner at an Indian restaurant.


On our third day, we were still too tired and suffering from different kind of muscle aches. We didn’t go for another walk. We slept in late, wrote postcards and after delivering them to the post office we went to the Brothers Grimm museum. A small museum, filled with books you cannot touch, drawings made by one of the brothers and furniture that used to belong to the family. It was nice, but in a way also a bit disappointing. I expected more than only focusing on their political lives.


Still tired and muscle ached we went into the car again on the forth day. We both would have stayed longer if we didn’t have other appointments at home. There were still some other musea, like Sepalkultur and Technik we would like to visit, places to discover and art to watch. Nonetheless, we enjoyed every minute of our trip and completely came to rest. What else could one want?